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5 Reasons Why An Author Website Is Important For Writers

Author websites are a great tool for writers to use in this modern day and age.

Author websites are a great tool for writers to use in this modern day and age. Not only for first time publishers and self-publishers, but for famous authors and authors from large publishing houses as well. 

Yes, this does mean that there is more work for you to do. But an author website will help you more than it will cost you. 

The work you need to put in is quite simple as well. After creating and designing your website, which you can do yourself or pay for someone else to do, you have a professional location to direct your fans, future fans, and email list to.

The benefits are multiple, and can earn you much more in future, since you earn 100% of the profit when you sell your books on your own website.

Here are 5 reasons why a writer should have an author website:

You Own The Author Website

Your author website, emphasis on ‘your’, is your digital property. Furthermore, an author website is a platform you have full control over. It runs on your rules not someone else’s.

This gives you control over the activity on the website. If someone is playing “troll”, having a negative effect on your followers, you can remove them from your platform. 

When using a social media platform you do not own any of the likes, comments and shares you have. They remain Instagram likes, or Facebook comments.

On an author website, the likes are yours, you own them. The comments don’t only mention you, they are directed at you.

An author website is also a good way to build your brand. You can customize your website to showcase some of yourself, without having to follow a style guide.

This can be a base for building your following, and expanding your email list.

Author Websites Are An Easy Way To Reach Your Fandom

Consider having a blog post page on your website. This can be for fans to get to know you or a way to keep them up to date with upcoming books and events.

For any author a fandom is important. If you do not have fans, you cannot sell many books. An author website gives you ways to connect with your readers like no other platform can.

These days readers prefer authors who are up front and open with them. You no longer need to hide behind an alias. Your fans want to know you.

Creating a relationship with your readers is simpler with an author website, as again there is no third party monitoring your content.

Be active on your website and reply to comments. This creates a good relationship, and fans who feel respected stay longer. They can also grow your fandom by sharing to other book lovers about you.

On your social media you can share bits of your next book with a link to your author website. This will draw your reader to your website and push you higher into the search rankings.

On your author website you can then ask fans to sign up for your email list. Be upfront and simply ask, being shy will lose your fans.

A way of getting people to signup for your newsletter is by offering something. A free unpublished chapter or short story is a good example.

 You have to be careful though. Spamming your email list with nonsense posts and unwanted updates can cause fans to unsubscribe.

An Author Website Is A Library Of Your Work

Many readers like to search for an authors’ website after reading their book(s). Some wonder if there are other books in the work, or love your writing, and want to be notified of upcoming releases.

This is where your author website can act as your own personal, self written library. With details and links to your liking.

Uploading your content to your website gives your readers a way to scroll through all your published work, essays, books, short stories, and whatever else you like to share.

This way you can share details about the book, which perhaps Amazon felt unnecessary. Giving your readers more information on what they might be interested in.

On your author website you also have control over which ads your readers see. Giving you the ability to direct them to specific pages, such as a new release.

It Gives You A Professional Look

When connecting with fans or in search of a traditional publisher, an author website can be of great help. Again, because it showcases all your work.

An author website also helps you to look more professional if, apart from writing your content, you also provide writing services. Most companies will want to see a portfolio of your work and an online presence.

Your author website can also show publishers that you are capable of marketing yourself. With an already growing fandom, your marketability grows as well.

An Author Website Provides Readers A Way To Find You

Simplest of all, an author website gives people a way to find and connect with you. A simple online search can lead them right to you, and this helps your organic audience to growth.

Posting blogs and opter content formats will help you to grow the searchability of your website.

Optimizing your website content will help you rank higher in search engine searches, and in turn grow your organic traffic.

Once you’ve designed your website, share your website to your social media, especially if you already have a following. If you do not have a following yet, it may take longer, but the efforts you put in are the results you will see.

A last point to mention is that an author website  can cut out the middleman when selling your books. Saving your customers some money, as well as earning you almost 100% of the earnings on your book. This is because you can sell your books for less, and do not have to pay for platforms to advertise for you.


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