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EARTH MATTERS > Finding Balance Between Creating a Living, Sustainability & Taking Care Of Mother Earth And All Creations

Learn more about our commitment at PAS > PURPOSE ACTION SUCCESS to sustainability and taking care of Mother Earth.

Earth is a magnificent creation.
The flaure and fauna is a magnificent creation.
You are a magnificent creation.

Your body, the way it carries you every day, and the billions of cells, neurons, and organs that ensure your survival, is a machine so well created, we still struggle to fully grasp how everything really works.

Yet, between having to earn a living to support your family, sitting long hours at work, and taking care of task-upon-task, can often leave you drained, without energy, numbed down, and feeling powerless.

Often, in the circle of modern live and living, we forget about planet Earth, and our duty to take care of all the animals, plants and elements that makes Earth the magnificent creation that it is.
One of the only planets in our Galaxy so far (or that we know of), that can sustain human, animal, and other life forms as we know it.

In the media and by politics you are bombarded, first, 20-years ago that oil, gas and coal is OK. The economy is important.
Nowadays, you are bombarded with green living, sustainable practices, and green energy and that coal energy is not OK.

Most often, you worry and sit there and wonder: “But how do I fit into all of this green living movement, and is global warming even a reality? And how can I live ‘green’ if I don’t even have enough hours in the day to earn enough to sustain my family, let alone, develop sustainable practices for my household.

With the amount of information, often contrary and conflicting, you feel overwhelmed. Yes, you discover, information overload is a reality in modern life!

PAS & Our Perspective On Sustainability

We are human beings just like you, trying to figure out how to navigate through all the information out there.

Throughout the years, we’ve learned that though sustainability and Eco-friendly living is important, and we strive to be as sustainable as possible, during the course of live as a human being on this planet, you have to find the balance.
The balance between creating a living to be financially independent and be able to support our family, and living a life that is purposeful, meaningful, and as sustainable as possible.

Therefore, we do our best to create sustainable solutions that is good for Mother Earth, and as far as possible do we use recycled and green materials in all our products.

PAS Planners and notebooks that are printed feature white, eco-friendly paper, while we only offer clothing that is organic and natural in our effort to also live a healthy life.

Just like you, our health and wellness is important to us, and we only develop and create products and solutions we use ourselves.



Purpose Action Success

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