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House Of The Dragon Season 01 Episode 07

GOT PREQUEL > House Of The Dragon Episode 07 Top Moments & Castleton Location Filming

Season 01 Episode 07
Tension is high and the mood is somber in House of the Dragon Episode Seven. We see the true colors of some, while plots turn deadly. The divide in the Targaryen house grows ever more.

“Fire is such a strange power.
Everything that House Targaryen possesses is owed to it.”

The mood is somber for most of House of the Dragon Episode Seven, as we see true colors come to light and plots unfold into deadly events.

Top Moments In House Of The Dragon Episode 07

Warning: Spoilers Ahead (If you haven’t watched episode seven yet, we recommend doing so before reading on.)

Season 01 Episode 07 - Driftmark (58 mins)

The funeral of Lady Laena, on Driftmark, is the opening scene of episode seven. A beautiful ceremony, though a tense and somber reunion of Targaryen and Valeryon families.

After the ceremony, Princess Rhaenyra tries to comfort her son, who is mourning Ser Harwin Strong. Though Rhaenyra quickly reminds him that Laena’s daughters are their kin, not Ser Harwin. Sulkingly, the boy goes to comfort his cousins.

Meanwhile, Prince Aegon complains that he doesn’t want to marry his sister, a betrothal set up by their mother. Prince Aemond calmly states that it is for the good of the family, and if it were him he would gladly take up the role.

We also catch a glimpse of Ser Otto Hightower, once again wearing the Hand of the King’s crest. But as the reception comes to a close many take their separate paths.

King Viserys goes to bed alone, leaving Alicent in Ser Criston’s care. Rhaenyra and Daemon take a walk on the beach to have a long awaited discussion. Otto drags a drunk Aegon to bed. Lord Corlys and Princess Rhaenys have a falling out in their private chambers, and Ser Leanor is nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, Aemond sets off in the direction of the dragons where he comes upon a sleeping Vhagar and tries to mount her.

Some time and much bloodshed later, the episode ends with a wedding and a risky escape.

“‘What is this brief, mortal life if not the pursuit of legacy?’ – Corlys Velaryon”

House Of The Dragon Filming Location: Castleton, Derbyshire, England

Derbyshire Peak District National Park is where you will find the popular village of Castleton. Castleton is a well known tourist village as it represents a perfect example of classic English villages.

The village was established by the Celts and ruins of a Celtic fortress still stand atop the famed Mam Tor hill. Later, in the Roman era, the Odin Mine was created on the hill, which has now been named an ancient monument.

Other well known aspects of the Castleton Peak District are the show caves scattered around the village. Namely the Speedwell Cavern, the Peak Cavern, the Blue John Cavern, and the Treak Cliff Cavern.

Each of the four underground caverns have unique features and can all be visited by tourists. (Although it is notable that the Speedwell Caverns can only be accessed via boat.)

Treak Cliff and Blue John are famed for the blue and yellow fluorspar that are abundant throughout the caverns. Speedwell is known for the deep vertical shaft in the cavern, dubbed the “Bottomless Pit”. Lastly, Peak Cavern is the source of Peakshore Water, the stream running through the district.

“‘We play an ugly game.’ – Otto Hightower”

Castleton In House Of The Dragon

Castleton has many walking routes for visitors to take, many of which lead to Mam Tor hill. One of these saw the cast and crew of House of the Dragon descending on its winding rocky path as it turned into The Vale for a time.

Other sites used in the filming around Castleton were the Cave Dale, which is a dry limestone valley, as well as Eldon Hill, a natural limestone amphitheater.

Matt Smith and a crew of around eighty people were seen all over Castleton as many scenes with Prince Daemon’s were shot around the area.

“Now they see you as you are”

The divide in the houses become ever more prevalent as the Greens and the Blacks turn against each other. What were your favorite moments of House of the Dragon Episode Seven: Driftmark?

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