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House of the Dragon Season 01 Episode 08 Top Moments

GOT PREQUEL > House Of The Dragon Episode 08 Top Moments & Castleton Location Filming

Season 01 Episode 08
Troubling news and tense confrontations. House of the Dragon episode eight sets the stage for mending bonds, but death looms still.

“The crown cannot stand strong if the House of the Dragon remains divided”

Broken bounds may be on the mend as the Queen and Princess honor the request of their king. Though dark days still lay ahead, House of the Dragon Episode Eight sees a turning point for the Targaryen household.

Top Moments In House Of The Dragon Episode 08

Warning: Spoilers Ahead (If you haven’t watched episode eight yet, we recommend doing so before reading on.)

Season 01 Episode 08 - Lord of the Tides (67 mins)

The episode starts off in Driftmark, where Princess Rheanys and her court hear some unsettling news about her husband, Lord Corlys Velaryon.

It has been six years since the events in the previous episode, and Corlys has been away from his home and family for all this time. Now news has come of a severe injury he sustained in battle, and Corlys may not survive the blood fever.

His brother, Ser Vaemond Velaryon takes this chance to call into question the succession of the Driftmark throne. News of this reaches Dragonstone and all parties involved return to the Red Keep, where Queen Alicent and Set Otto now speak for the ailing king.

At the Keep, we see that King Viserys’ health has drastically declined. He is bedreddin and somewhat delirious at times. He hardly recognises Rhaenyra at first, but he is overjoyed when he realizes his daughter is with him.

The next day, petitions are heard by the Hand, Ser Otto Hightower, and Queen Alicent on the succession of Driftmark. But just as Rhaenyra begins to state her petition, the court doors open, and the guards announce the arrival of King Viserys.

Leaning heavily on his cane, the King makes his way to the Iron Throne.

“‘This is a matter of blood, not ambition’ – Ser Vaemond Velaryon”

House Of The Dragon Filming Location: Caesar's Camp, Aldershot, Hampshire, England, UK.

Situated on the border of Surrey and Hampshire, Caesar’s Camp is a popular site for hiking as it has beautiful views of both regions and the nearby town of Aldershot.

Caesar’s Camp is an Iron Age Hillfort that has become one of the main sightseeing spots for visitors, Though the Ministry of Defense trains the army in the area, therefore many signs and fences have been put up to insure safety. (When visiting it is important to follow the signs in the area.

The area is a pristine nature reserve filled with pinewoods and sandy mounds. The heartlands and meadows in the area have also become home to an abundance of wildlife you may be lucky to see while hiking.

Many walking routes exist and some take you to the Bourley Lakes, old reservoir lakes, hidden in the pine forest. Be warned though, there are steep inclines that must be overcome for a well-deserved reward of great view atop the hill.

Then in September 2021, House of the Dragon crew descended on the area.

“‘As hand, I speak for the king’s voice in this, and all other matters’ – Ser Otto Hightower”

Caesar's Camp In House Of The Dragon

A colorful array of tents and house banners went up in Caesar’s Camp as the area turned into a royal camp site.

Social media bustled about the news and many set out to see the large maroon tent, set up by Warner Brothers. The tents stood out among the trees as Caesar’s Camp was transformed into the King’s Wood of Westeros.

A Hampshire Live photographer, Darren Pepe, shared some of the photos he took of the filming location.

“‘Those vipers rule in my fathers name.’- Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen”

Tense moments pass and death still looms on screen as the season finale draws nearer. What were your favorite moments of House of the Dragon Episode Eight: Lord of the Tides?

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