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House of the Dragon Season 01 Episode 09

GOT PREQUEL > House Of The Dragon Episode 09 Top Moments & Spain II Location Filming

Season 01 Episode 09
The succession of the Iron Throne once again comes into question as the House of the Dragon Season 01 Finale draws near. Sad news is shared and war looms closer.

“‘I’ve found out something you should know.’ – Larys Strong”

The small council gathers in the early hours of the day. Sad news is shared and the succession of the Iron Throne is questioned once more. Choices have been made and war looms ever closer.

House of the Dragon says goodbye to another of the main cast this week as Paddy Considine’s role comes to an end after eight episodes on screen.

Top Moments In House Of The Dragon Episode 09

Warning: Spoilers Ahead (If you haven’t watched episode nine yet, we recommend doing so before reading on.)

Season 01 Episode 09 - The Green Council (60 mins)

The episode starts with an empty keep and mostly silent halls, with just the footsteps of a young boy filling the air. The boy goes to Talya, Queen Alicent’s handmaiden, who in turn tells Alicent the news.

King Viserys Targaryen is dead. Alicent commands that she tell no one and goes to inform her father, and also tells him of their last conversation. She believed he told her that he wants Prince Aegon to be king, as we see in the final moments of the previous episode.

Thus, the small council is called to gather and informed of the king’s death. Alicent learns that her father and some of the council have long planned to assert Aegon onto the throne.

Worse yet, Ser Otto plans to murder those who oppose the new King, including Princess Rheanyra. This enrages Alicent, and though Ser Harrold refuses the order, Otto is set on his plan.

And so begins the race between Alicent and Otto to persuade Aegon, but the prince is not in the Red Keep. Otto sends out two king’s guards, the twins Ser Arryk and Ser Erryk to find Aegon. While Alicent asks the same of Ser Criston and Prince Aemond offers to assist him.

Meanwhile all the servants are sent to the dungeon and the Keep’s guests, including Princess Rheanys, are confined to their chambers.

“The door remains shut until we finish our business.”

House Of The Dragon Filming Location: Spain (Part II)

We return to Spain for more House of the Dragon filming. As mentioned in a previous article in our article series, Spain played a large role in both the Game of Thrones series and the House of the Dragon series filming.

Previously we gave information on Cáceres and La Calahorra, now we venture to two other Spanish cities. Namely, Lloret de Mar in Catalonia on the Costa Brava, as well as Trujillo in the Extremadura.

“‘None can know who you are or what you seek.’ – Otto Hightower”

Trujillo, Extremadura

The city of Trujillo is situated on a high ridge in the Extremadura of Spain. Its medieval origins can be seen from far off as the city is surrounded by high walls.

These walls, as well as the pristine fortress, were built by the Muslims presumably around the year 700. Inside the walls the city is mostly Mudejar, as well as Gothic, architecture, painting a picturesque medieval portrait.

While centuries may have passed, when walking into Trujillo it feels like a trip back in time. The city’s history has been preserved in the architecture and culture in the city life.

For Game of Thrones, Trujillo was used to film High Garden’s fortress during the Lannister invasion.

For House of the Dragon filming, a market was set up in the city’s main square. Additionally, scenes were filmed at the Casa Museo de la Coria and the ancient rock pool of La Alberca.

“It is treason at the least!”

Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain

With a stunning main beach and great nightlife, Lloret de Mar has gained the title of ‘Party Town’. However, the city has much more to share than merely a beach and some nightclubs.

Lloret de Mar is home to the Fortress Sant Joan, a medieval fortress dating back to the eleventh century. The fortress is currently a museum showcasing the middle ages Catalan culture. Sadly only the foundations and tower of the old fortress have been preserved.

Other sites to see include the Maritime Museum, one of the buildings built by the ‘indianos’ (those who returned rich from North America) of old. As well as the Church Sant Romà, a pristine representation of Catalan Art Nouveau, dating back to 1522 when it stood as a safe haven from pirates.

The Santa Clotilde garden is another of the beauties found in Lloret de Mar, and was used to film some important scenes for House of the Dragon. Scenes such as the walk King Viserys took with Lady Laena Velaryon.

“‘Have you never imagined yourself on the Iron Throne?’ – Rhaenys Targaryen”

Another step closer to the House of the Dragon Season 01 Finale. A son is crowned, but how will the daughter react? What were your favorite scenes from House of the Dragon Season 01 Episode 09: The Green Council?

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