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House of the Dragon Season 01 Episode 10

GOT PREQUEL > House Of The Dragon Episode 10 Top Moments & The Dragons of Season 01

Season 01 Episode 10
The first season of House of the Dragon comes to a close. Tears are shed, blood is spilled, and anger rises as war begins in Westeros. Season 02 has been confirmed.

“‘The Greens are coming for you, Rhaenyra, and for your children’ – Princess Rhaenys”

House of the Dragon Season One draws to a close with betrayal, broken oaths, bloodshed, tears, and anger. War has come to Westeros and season two has been confirmed.

Top Moments In House Of The Dragon Episode 10

Warning: Spoilers Ahead (If you haven’t watched episode ten yet, we recommend doing so before reading on.)

Season 01 Episode 10 - The Black Queen (63 mins)

The season finale starts off with Princess Rhaenys bringing the news of King Viserys’ death to Dragonstone. Moreover, the news that Prince Aegon II has been crowned king before the masses of King’s Landing.

The news seemingly sends Princess Rhaenyra into early labor, much too early according to the mastor.

Meanwhile Prince Daemon has begun preparations for war with the Green. But, Rhaenyra sends Prince Jace with her command that no action will be taken without her.

After giving birth – unfortunately a stillborn – we see Rhaenyra put her grief aside when a king’s guard arrives with her fathers crown. A silver and gold crown, with the Targaryen house emblem , is placed on her head.

The Blacks gather around the Painted Table, and talk of war in the Seven Kingdoms begins. Though Rhaenyra does not want this, and she considers a peaceful agreement.

The episode continues, in which we see that the Sea Snake, Lord Corlys has survived his wounds. We also get a glimpse of the jewels that Prince Aemond had set in place of his missing eye.

And the season ends with the first battle between dragons which finally plunges the realm into all-out war.

“Your cause owns a power that has not been seen since the days of Old Valyria. Dragons!”

The Dragons Seen In Season 01 Of House Of The Dragon

In the first season of House of the Dragon we see eight on screen flying through the sky, burning enemies on the battlefield, or residing in caves waiting to be unleashed once more.

“I swear towards the Queen!”

Syrax - Princess Rheanyra’s Dragon

Syrax is the first dragon we see on screen in season one of House of the Dragon, flying through the clouds with young Princess Rheanyra on her back.

We learn that the already large dragon is still young and might someday outgrow Caraxes. The she-dragon is a golden-yellow color and during her time produced many clutches of eggs for future riders.

Princess Rheanyra was her first, and ultimately only rider, as Targaryen traditions included a dragon’s egg being placed in the cribs of the royal family’s children. If the egg were to hatch, the dragon and child would be bound for life, either the child’s or the dragon’s.

“‘We don’t choose our destinies, Luce. It chooses us.’ – Queen Rhaenyra”

Caraxes the Blood Wyrm - Prince Daemon’s Dragon

At the end of episode one, we are met with the large red dragon bound to Prince Daemon. One of the scariest dragons in House of the Dragon, Caraxes has seen much battle throughout his life.

A fierce and violent creature, as seen in the battle at the Stepstones, Caraxes’ temperament is perfectly suited to his rider.

The dragon was fully grown when we first see him, and so large that he easily seats two riders, as we see when Daemon takes Mysaria to Dragonstone.

“They stole your birthright.”

Seasmoke - Ser Leanor’s Dragon

First seen in episode three burning Crabfeeder troops, Seasmoke is a sizable white dragon. We do not know the age of Seasmoke, however we do know that Leanor Velaryon was his rider when we first meet the dragon.

We do not yet know what happens after Leanor’s supposed death in episode seven, as the dragon is not seen again in season one.

Seasmoke is, however, briefly mentioned again in episode ten as a riderless dragon living onDriftmark.

Perhaps we shall find out more in later seasons of House of the Dragon.

“Lay siege to the Red Keep.”

Meleys the Red Queen - Princess Rhaenys’ Dragon

Episode five shows us a glimpse of the large red dragon when the Valeryons sail to King’s Landing for the royal wedding. She is formally introduced to us in episode nine of House of the Dragon, when Rhaenys escapes from the Hightowers.

Meleys the Red Queen gained her name from her horns, claws and copper-colored scales. The she-dragon is thought to be the fastest dragon in Westeros.

Bound to Princess Rhaenys, Meleys was a fully grown dragon by the time we first see her, but she is still fierce and fast despite her age.

“‘You cannot bend the knee to the Hightowers’ – Daemon Targaryen”

Vermax - Prince Jacaerys’ Dragon

Introduced to us in episode six of House of the Dragon, Vermax is still young and small. Having been hatched by Prince Jace, as he was commonly known, the dragon and his rider were already bound, though still learning.

We see Vermax again in episode ten, as Jace flies to the north.

“Every man standing round the Painted Table urges her to plunge the realm into war.”

Vhagar - Prince Aemond’s Dragon

Mentioned in episode two, Vhagar is the oldest and the largest dragon in the House of the Dragon world. At the time we hear that she is alive and may be nesting near Spicetown, on the coast of the Narrow Sea.

We finally see Vhagar in episode six, at the time she is bonded to Lady Laena Valeryon. Laena speaks of how she found the dragon at the age of fifteen when consoling her daughter, whose egg did not hatch.

After Laena’s death and funeral, Aemond bonds with the dragon in episode seven. This is a great accomplishment for him, but also the cause of escalated tension between Alicent and Rheanyra.

“Dragons can fly faster than ravens, and they are more convincing.”

Vermithor - One Of The Unclaimed Dragons

We see the large dragon briefly in episode ten, as Daemon goes deep under the dragon mount singing to the dragon.

Vermithor was the dragon of the late King Jahaerys Targaryen, who we only see at the start of episode one. Not much is shown to us yet in this short encounter, but it is clear that the dragon is fully grown.

We are bound to see more of this terrifying beast in the coming seasons of House of the Dragon.

“‘Our pursuit of the Iron Throne is at an end’ – Corlys Velaryon.”

Arrax - Prince Lucerys Velaryon

Arrax is first seen in episode ten, when Prince Luce, as he is commonly called, is sent to Storm’s End as an envoy from his mother, Queen Rheanyra. Unfortunately, Prince Aemond had gotten their first on Vhagar.

The on screen time for Arrax is however very short, as his first shown flight ends in tragedy. The young prince and his young dragon do not return home from their journey.

They are the first to fall to the war, and this is the true start of the Dance of the Dragons.

“Dreams didn’t make us kings, Dragons did.”

Mentioned in Season 01

Also known as The Black Dread, he is briefly mentioned by King Viserys in episode two of House of the Dragon.

Belarion was born in Old Valyria and was one of the three dragons ridden in the Targaryen Conquest of Westeros. At the time Aegon I Targaryen was his rider, and as far as we know Aegon was his first rider.

King Viserys Targaryen was the last to ride Balerion, but the dragon was already very old and Viserys only rode him once before the dragon passed.


Also in episode two, we hear of Dreamfyre. At the time still an egg, the one Rhaenyra had chosen for her brother who died at birth.

We do not hear of or see the dragon again in season one but we might see Dreamfyre in season two.


Mentioned by Daemon in episode ten of season one, Tyraxes is the dragon of Prince Joffrey.

We do not know much about the dragon yet, as Tyraxes is still young when we hear their name for the first time. Season two may hold more screen time for Tyraxes.


We hear in episode six that Baela’s dragon egg did hatch, given at birth as she is Daemon’s daughter. Only in episode ten do we hear that it is Moondancer.

We have not yet seen Moondancer in House of the Dragon, but we are sure to see the dragon in later seasons.


Again only briefly mentioned in episode ten, we hear that Silverwing is riderless and living on the dragon mount.

We know little about the dragon at the end of season one, but we should see the she-dragon in the coming seasons.

“Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen, first of her name.
Queen of the Andals, and the Rhoynar, and the First Men. Lady of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm.”

The finale of season one showcases the beginning of the Dance of the Dragons. With the confirmation of season two we can assume that the Targaryen Civil War will be the focal point of the coming season. What were your favorite moments of House of the Dragon Episode Ten: The Black Queen?

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