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Know what is included in a PAS Managed WordPress Plan.

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PAS Hosting Managed WordPress Hosting Terms of Service


Apart from PAS Hosting Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Ethics & Values, please note the below Terms of Service pertaining to PAS Managed WordPress Hosting account users:

Setup of New Account

We take care of the below when we receive your order:
– Backend setup of cPanel as per our PAS Standards of Installation for PAS Hosted WordPress Websites.
– WordPress installation for your chosen domain.

NOTE: Unlike other hosting companies who automate the WordPress setup process but you are still stuck installing your own website and setting up your cPanel, we handle the installation of your WordPress websites and cPanel manually ourselves so that we can test and troubleshoot before handing over to you. This ensures the WordPress Hosting package you receive from us is geared and ready to go without you having to spend hours figuring out how to install your SSL, Litespeed cache, auto backups, malware scanning, etc. Once you receive your WordPress login credentials, you can install your desired theme and plugins. 

Turn-Around Time

Since we install your order manually, it may take several hours to complete once we have recieved the PAS WordPress Q&A Form send to you upon account creation. (Though, we try our best to have your WordPress website ready for you as soon as possible.)

Included in WordPress Management

– WordPress Updates
– WP Plugin Updates
– WP Themes Updates
– 1 x Daily / Weekly / Monthly Site Backup (As per your choice of frequency)
– 1 x Per Month: Upload & Formatting of 1 x Blog or Post or Article or Product or Portfolio Item to Your Website

Not Included in WordPress Management

– Website Design, or any other related PAS Services are not included in PAS Hosting.
– WordPress Website issues not related to hosting.
– WordPress Website issues or failures caused by the user.
– WordPress Website hacked due to failure to keep password or security protocols by user.
– Unforeseen circumstances, such as hacking, etc., that PAS Hosting can not control.

Value Added Services

– Should you require any assistance with your WordPress website outside of hosting features and functions, (such as assistance with plugin installation or theme setup, the formatting of blogs or other CMS work, troubleshooting user issues, etc.,), you are welcome to hire or order value-added PAS Service from the client dashboard.

Terms & Conditions of Managed WordPress Hosting

– Un-used features of your WordPress management can not be carried over into a next month. (Example: 1 x blog upload per month does not carry forth if un-used.)
– Users may choose to Opt-In for WordPress Website Management or Opt-Out if you prefer to manage your websites yourself.
– We need your help to point nameservers if your domain is not bought through us. (Please note that if you have to point your nameservers from another provider, propogation can take up to 48-hours before we can actively install your WordPress website. Unfortunately, this is out of our hands as each domain registrar has a different policy regarding nameserver changes and DNS propogation.)
– We will need your help to provide all the information we need to configure and install your WordPress website as per your unique needs. Please take a moment to fill out the PAS WordPress Installation Form after you have placed your order. We can only configure and setup your WordPress website if we have all the information we need. 

Contact Us

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy you may contact us directly via PAS Hosting Customer Support.

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