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PAS Hosting Values & Code of Ethics Policy

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Read the PAS Hosting Values & Code of Ethics.

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PAS Hosting Values & Code of Ethics Policy


Screening before account creating exists at PAS Hosting. Each and every new web hosting account need to comply to our PAS Code of Ethics. Please ensure the type of website you want to host are in compliance with our Code of Ethics.


PAS Hosting Code of Ethics

We are protective of our IPs and therefore do not support the hosting of pornography-, animal abuse or destructive websites. We instead focus on businesses and individuals seeking a secure and safe hosting environment.

Limited Accounts Available

We believe in a tight knit hosting community where professional conduct, clear communication and good support is important to us.
We thus, only approve a certain amount of accounts per server – per month to ensure everyone has enough resources to use.

If your application for hosting was not successful this month, do not depair, we’ll add you to our waiting list once an account becomes available again.

Contact Us

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy you may contact us directly via PAS Hosting Customer Support.

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